6 Tips for a Healthy Body and Mind in 2015

Keep your body active every day. No Excuses. If you don’t feel up to going to the gym to exercise, go outside and walk, run or even skip. Move every part of you, being active can help with energy, mind and body health!
Drink water. All day if need be. Really, drink cleaner, filtered water. It’s great for hydration, detoxification.
Massage, Massage, Massage. Get a professional massage OR massage yourself. Massages are not just for spas anymore. They are medicinal. The message of massage is that it sends real-time signals to your cells to relax, regroup and regenerate. Send your cells some love with a calming, soothing massage. Your body will love and thank you for it.
Choose your words wisely. Communication and your verbal response to situations can create a window of opportunity or a wall. You set the stage for how others will react to your words by the words you choose to say and how you say/express them.
Exercise understanding and compassion. The next circumstance or situation which makes you upset, angry or sad realize that your emotions are only controlled by YOU. Instead of bursting out in anger, or being sad, stop and try to put yourself in the place of that other person (s) involved in the situation. If there is no “person” accept the hard fact that life always will take you through difficult times. There will be mountains, storms, and much more. Your mindset should be to overcome all the trials and remain a winner.
And Finally;
FIND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! This one is NOT as easy as easy to do as it is easy to say! The true secret is ONLY you can determine what will make you happy. Just you. But to start, you need to disengage, detach and dispose of old patterns. Spiritual and emotional cleansing needs to take place. When you discover your bliss, your health will love you even more.


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