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90 years of love from pals Mom

Anthony Rinaldo is what I call a true pal. He is the kind of person that will share anything and everything with you.

He is a giving soul that expects nothing in return.

Several years ago he involved me in a film project called The Bottom of the Ninth which starred Sophia Vergara and Mike Manganiello. I got a little role in it and became an associate producer in the project. Again he asked for nothing in return in a world of give me, give me, give me.

Recently he sent me a poem written by his 90-year-old mom Agnes. I read it a dozen times to really get the essence of what she was saying and I found it beautiful.

At that moment I understood where Anthony got his heart from.

I’m very grateful to his mother Agnes Rinaldo for being the Matriarch of the Rinaldo family and instilling beautiful values to her family and in turn helping to give us a better world.

I also want to share the beautiful poem that she wrote during what I think is a perfect time, now.

By. Agnes Rinaldo

My Garden is full of family and friends.

Each day I watch the flowers grow the beauty and the joy they bring into my life makes me smile makes me happy makes me think of Children’s faces.

My garden helps me remember days gone by and days to come.

My garden gives my mind a rest and makes each day the very best !!!

To the Rinaldo family and all people that truly believe in the most powerful word in the world……… LOVE!

Please have a blessed and wonderful

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