"New" Artist of the Month April 2019

The 2 younger siblings of the Perez family, Devan and Mia, both born in the Bronx, New York exhibited their interest in music at a very young age. Both surrounded by the sounds that echoed through their fathers recording studio, they were naturally attracted to the beats, the sounds, the instruments and the artists who frequented their home at a very young age. Naturally, they were curious to learn how to create music and perform with instruments of their own.

Devan first entered the public eye at the age of 11, when he came to the attention of the creators of the Emulator Pro, the DJ software program controlled by multi-touch screens. Devan was selected by SmithsonMartin to pioneer the use of this technology in his mixes and DJ’ing gigs. With his music abilities on the rise, he embodied a new name and was re-born Devan Ibiza for the Latin DJ mecca, the Spanish island of Ibiza. He has performed at venues usually reserved for those with years more experience including Madison Square Garden for both the New York Knicks and New York Liberty, 2012 INTEL iSEF (host to the world’s largest international science competition for young people) just to name a few. Devan Ibiza is now using his DJ skills to produce his own sound of hip-hop and soulful R & B music. Devan has released 2 projects of his own while collaborating with New York rapper Steve Gunna alongside his sister and songwriter Mia Lailani.

Mia Lailani the ”Storyteller” has been singing since the age of 2. Her mother first discovered her singing “No One” by Alicia Keys as Mia lay in her crib and has never stopped singing. At the age of 10, Mia playfully wrote her first official song to a beat that was created and produced by Devan. The energy that was created by both was unintentional but instantaneously magical. He brought the incredible beats which she so effortlessly wrote to and together they soon realized that they were each the missing yin to their yang.

Together they have since been unstoppable, persistent and energetic, working on their 1st collaborative effort titled, ”We Have ” off of their new EP Magic Hour. When you hear their musical magic, only then will you understand the potential this 19 year old Producer/DJ and 13 year old singer/songwriter have. Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani, the Brother and Sister creative powerhouse got next.

Devan Ibiza

Mia Lailani