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While theatres around the nation are still closed due to COVID-19, the highly anticipated live-action Mulan will be premiering from the comfort of home.  Disney+ announced that Mulan will be available for streaming on September 4th; however, it will only be available to those with “Premier Access” which costs $30 in addition to the initial Disney+ subscription. 

Many are familiar with the story of Mulan from the 1998 animated Disney film, but the new live-action film directed by Niki Caro has been highly anticipated.  The film has been delayed several times due to the pandemic, but the at-home screening still promises to fulfill its action-packed promises.

Staring Yifei Liu, Mulan is the story of a young woman from China that defies all odds.  After the Emperor of China orders that each family offers up one man to defend their country, Mulan selflessly disguises herself in order to spare her father.  Fearlessly encountering copious trials and tribulations, she becomes an honored warrior and is a fantastic role model for young women as an embodiment of female strength.

This live-action remake, though it follows the heart of the story, will have some changes.  Instead of facing the Hun Army or romantically falling for Li Shang, she will face a powerful witch and has a new potential love interest.  Additionally, Mulan will not be the musical that it once was, though not much is known about the role music will play in the film.

With all these changes and the long wait for the premiere, Mulan is certain to cause a buzz upon its debut.  Since nights in have become the new norm, this will be perfect for a movie night with the family.


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