A new age of RAVE

This weekend there was a party thrown by PARADOX PRODUCTIONS which they chose to name ALL KIDS OUT OF THE POOL [ADULT SWIM] 2. This RAVE was very well put together.  It had an amazing line up of djs. Jen mas vs. How Hard, Integrity vs. Rextc, Candy Kid vs. Auratika, and many others. The party consisted of many different styles of music covering from hardcore, dubstep, acid techno, and trance. Fueled by hours upon hours of entertainment. There was body painting, laser shows and dancing all night long. This was definitely a place full of happiness and love. All I can say is that people should not look down on these type of events because unlike normal club parties, (where people end up get into fights or shootings) the only problem there are at these RAVES is that there aren’t enough glow sticks.


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