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A Recap of Stranger Things to Get You
Ready For Season 4

After three long years of waiting and wondering what happens next, Stranger Things
season 4 comes out this Friday, May 27. A lot has happened in seasons 1-3 which you
might have forgotten about. Being taken through a whirlwind of plot twists, here is a
recap to help prepare you for season four.

If you haven’t seen the show, stop reading now because…spoilers!

Taking place in 1983 Hawkins Indiana, season one revolves around the disappearance
of teen Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). His three best friends are set out to find him; at the
same time, they meet a new friend who goes by the name Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).
During their adventure to find Will, the three members of their friend group discover the
El has telekinetic powers, which grew stronger after she was experimented on by a
group of scientists. We also see Will’s determined mother Joyce (Winona Ryder) and
the town sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour) on a separate mission to find Will, same
with Will’s brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and his crush Nancy Wheeler (Natalia
Dyer). In the midst of Will going missing, Nancy’s best friend Barb (Shannon Purser)
goes missing as well. Towards the end of the season discover of this supernatural place
named the Upside Down, where a creature called the Demogorgon has kidnapped Will
and killed Barb. At the end, El uses her powers to rescue Will, but allegedly dies in the

This is where season two comes in. At the start of this season it’s revealed that El is
very much alive, and living quietly in a cottage with Hopper who is protecting her from
the CIA (the group who was behind the experiments back in season one). While El is in
hiding, the original group of friends add a new member to their gang, Max Mayfield
(Sadie Sink), whose step brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) is the notorious town

badboy. Viewers also see Will silently suffering, as he is still being terrorized by the
Upside Down. A new creature named the Mind Flayer is trying to take over Will’s body
and the real world. Later on in the season El finds out that she may have siblings
(well…sort of. These ‘siblings’ are the other kids who were also experimented on). She
goes to Chicago to meet one of them, and in the process learns more about where they
all came from. She comes back to Hawkins just in time to save Will and close the door
to the Upside Down. Throughout this season, we see Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) (and
Nancy’s ex-boyfriend) become best friends with one of the teens from the friend group,
Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). As for romance, Nancy and Jonathan hook up, and
eventually start dating.

Season three takes place in the summer of 1985, when the small town of Hawkins gets
it’s first big mall. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is now officially dating eleven, Lucas (Caleb
McLaughlin) is with Max, and Nancy is still with Jonathan. Dustin is said to have a long-
distance girlfriend from summer camp, but no one thinks she is real. We see Nancy and
Jonathan interning at the local newspaper, investigating a story about rats. They soon
discover that these rats have ties to the Upside Down. Although we see the gang having
fun, danger is always lurking in Hawkins. On the side, we see The Soviets trying to
open a new door to the Upside Down just beneath the town Mall. Dustin soon discovers
this, and him, Steve, Steve’s coworker Robin (Maya Hawke), and Lucas’ younger sister
Erica (Priah Ferguson) all try to uncover The Soviets’ plan.

Jim, who has now adopted Eleven, hates Mike and does everything in his power to try
and stop him from dating his daughter. Mike and Eleven seem to go through a rocky
patch, and El decides to break up with Mike and finds a new best friend in Max. We
later discover that El senses that the Mind Flyer has found a new host in Billy. With the
help of Max and the rest of the group, they destroy the Mind Flyer, but Billy dies in the

Season three ends with an intense battle between the group and the creatures from the
Upside Down. While the gang is in the mall fighting the monsters, Hopper and Joyce go

underground to destroy the machine that’s opening the portal. A Soviet Assassin tracks
them down, and Hopper fights him off while Joyce turns off the machine. At the end,
viewers are left to believe that Hopper never made it out, and has died. Three months
later, Joyce has decided to leave Hawkins for good with Jonathan, Will, and Eleven.

At this point, viewers are left in shock due to the fact that the beloved character Jim
Hopper is dead. Or so we think…right before the credits roll, a prisoner named “The
American” is living in a Russian prison.

Leaving us on a cliffhanger, fans of Stranger Things can’t wait to see what happens in
the penultimate final season. Make sure to watch Stranger Things 4 on Netflix on May


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