Aaron Rodgers’ Career is Declining

A number of NFL Quarterbacks have continued to play past 40 years old. In fact, Tom Brady is currently playing, and playing well past the age of 40. Drew Brees was another that just retired at 42. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to stay on top as age decreases, and it seems Aaron Rodgers is finding this out the hard way. 

At one point, Rodgers held the record for best touchdown to interception ratio in the league, but after Sunday night’s game against the Saints, fans are seeing a different side of the legend. A-Rod threw two interceptions during the game, which he blamed on groin shots by the opposing team. Viewing the clips of the two plays, this is likely to be true, but interceptions don’t get a team to the Super Bowl. Perhaps he was just having a bad night, but if Rodgers wants to join the list of 22 quarterbacks to play into their 40s, he’s going to have to avoid nights like last Sunday. He is only 37 this season, and already with a rocky start.

One of his major concerns is his “legacy.” He wants to be remembered as being one of the greatest in history. Part of this means knowing when to call it quits. Now doesn’t have to be that time, but if he discovers that he continues to throw multiple interceptions per game, he might not make it to a game at forty years old, putting his legacy over his age. He could surprise us all and have a great season, but it’s looking more and more like his career has reached its peak. 


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