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Lately the underground music scene of true rave life has been long gone and forgotten. Today all I keep hearing about is this new style called EDM (electric dance music). From the early 90’s till the early 2000’s, radio and clubs were filled with sick beats. This era consisted of great Disk Jockeys such as dj tiesto, dj john digweed, dj x-dream, and New York’s famous Louie Devito. They brought us some of the greatest club banging cd’s such as Nyc underground volumes 1-8. Now we don’t even hear anything from these Dj’s, Dubstep has taken over the music producing industry. Dubstep is a tool used to synthesize artificial sounds. Today’s music rarely ever contains any natural instruments and sadly society is eating it up. These jams are brought to you by artist like deadmou5e, Skrillex, Borgor and many more and. Dubstep has bled into other genres such as hip-hop, pop and even rock and roll. I never thought that one could turn hardcore rock into bubble pop dance music. Ladies and gentlemen, it has just been done and by one of the biggest rock bands known to mankind, Korn. The world thrives on music. It is an soothing outlet for relaxation or a great mood setter for a night out with your or to simply make you feel amped and pumped for the gym. And unfortunately music is headed down a deadly path.


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