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Addison Rae and Item Launch Sephora Partnership

TikTok influencer and chief innovation officer and co-founder of Item Beauty is launching her beauty line at Sephora. Item’s whole skin-care line, which was recently revamped with baby-blue and lime-green packaging, as well as a selection of its cosmetics, will be available at the beauty store.

Item went live on a DTC website a year ago, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of Rae’s followers will be able to witness the brand for the first time thanks to the collaboration with Sephora. It will also be one of Sephora’s few Gen Z-focused and influencer-led businesses.

With Rae’s online success, her musical career, and new film He’s All That hitting Netflix on Aug. 27, it is no doubt that her brand will do well on Sephora shelves. Rae has millions of followers on all social media platforms, allowing for them to be some of the first people to hit Sephora in-store and online to help support the beauty brand.

Madeby Collective’s, the company behind Item Beauty, Vice President Janine Gettinger said, “Addison embodies the ethos of Item beauty, celebrating self-love, self-expression and individuality. She captures the zeal of a generation that is redefining beauty standards.”

On Item’s website, everything is described as “clean.” All of her skincare and make-up products are all-natural, allowing for healthy skin and a healthy appearance. For now, fans can find Rae’s line on the Item Beauty website as the Sephora launch date has not yet been announced.


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