Adenosine: The Latest Answer to Wrinkles

Adenosine is a common ingredient in many Korean skincare products, especially serums and creams. It is a naturally present substance within our bodies and nature that aids in cell growth. However, when used in skincare products it is derived from yeast. What makes it an increasingly popular product for skincare products is its anti-aging properties. 

Adenosine has been proven to smooth the skin and restore fine lines, blemishes, and wrinkles. It has only become popular in the last decade, after two University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers accidentally discovered its anti-aging properties while researching heart function. Following this discovery, they created a product containing adenosine to help with wrinkles. However, L’Oréal launched a line of similar products very soon after, resulting in a legal battle that has yet to be settled. 

While this battle continued, Korean skincare brands realized the benefits of adenosine and began creating anti-aging and skin-smoothing products. Despite the researchers patenting the use of adenosine in skin care products, this did not apply to Korean markets, allowing it to become popular quite quickly. 

Today adenosine can be found in a variety of products such as moisturizers, face masks, eye creams, and even foundation. If you’re checking the ingredients of a product to see if it contains adenosine, you will find it listed further down as it is often used in very small quantities. L’Oréal’s anti-aging line can still be purchased but if you are looking for an alternative brand the Korean brand Cosrx carries several products containing this beneficial ingredient.

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