Photographer of the Month for February 2021


Adrienne Raquel is a New York based photographer who uses her work as a way to represent the black female perspective and aim for more diversity and inclusion in the photography world. Her talent has been utilized in campaigns by impressive names like Apple, Playboy, GQ, Nike and many more. She’s also shot stars like Travis Scott, Lil Nas X and Lizzo.

“It may not have been publicly acknowledged before now, but our talent, our beauty and our grace has always been secretly desired and praised,” Raquel told Refinery29. “Black women possess inevitable power and influence. There is no one like us.” 

Looking at her Instagram feed, you can see her dreamy, vintage style with soft but bold colors that create the most beautiful portraits to portray a wide array of feelings and emotion. She decribes her own work as “inspired by femininity, soulfulness and color,” and that it is “rooted in nostalgia and fantasy while remaining fresh and contemporary.”


Past Picks of the Month

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