"New" Artist of the Month for November 2023


A Brooklyn-based rap visionary, AKAI SOLO stands as a linguistic wizard, weaving intricate words and philosophies into his music effortlessly. With releases like “True Sky” and a collaboration with Navy Blue, he showcased his prowess. His defining moment came with “Spirit Roaming,” released under New York’s Backwoodz Studioz, demonstrating his ability to blend language into a unique art form.

Raised in a home filled with Spanish music due to his Panamanian-Nigerian background, AKAI SOLO’s early passion for writing essays and reading poetry paved the way for his journey into rap. A pivotal moment occurred when he encountered Aesop Rock’s “Nickel Plated Pockets,” inspiring his lyrical path.

Formerly known as KITE, AKAI SOLO underwent an artistic transformation. His new identity symbolizes his evolution, bearing the acronym “Ascended Killer Absolving Ignorance Souls Of Lords Omniscient,” with “akai” translating to red in Japanese.

AKAI SOLO’s music journey reached maturity with “From The Burning East With Love” in 2019, setting the stage for a prolific discography, including projects like “Alone Throughout Heaven And Earth” and “Like Hajime.”

His work defies easy categorization, often evading typical themes. He challenges listeners to uncover deeper narratives beneath the surface, reminding us that his music holds more than meets the ear.

In Brooklyn’s ever-evolving musical landscape, AKAI SOLO stands as the artist who fearlessly challenges conventions, leaving an indelible mark on hip-hop.


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