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Already Missing ‘The Bold Type?’ Watch ‘Good Trouble’ on Hulu

Hit Freeform show ‘The Bold Type’ airs its final episode on June 30th, and many fans are devastated. I personally did not know what to do with myself upon hearing that ‘The Bold Type’ would come to an end this summer after falling in love with characters Jane, Sutton, Kat, and their journey at Scarlet Magazine. However, after hours of browsing Netflix and Hulu, I discovered another show with strong female friendships and an interest in examining current news: Freeform’s ‘Good Trouble.’ 

‘Good Trouble’ is actually a spinoff show; it follows the lead characters of ‘The Fosters,’ another former Freeform show, Mariana and Callie, as they navigate their adult social lives and careers in Los Angeles. Callie, a liberal San Diego native, serves as a clerk for a federal judge with a very different political standpoint. Mariana works at a technology start-up called Speckulate, where she is forced to deal with sexism in the workplace. The show balances the two women’s career struggles with their budding romantic relationships; Mariana meets someone at work who sparks her interest while Callie flirts with her brother’s brother-in-law, Jamie. 

The best part of ‘Good Trouble,’ in my opinion, is not the show’s pursuit of topical issues or Callie and Mariana’s respective romances — rather, it is the friendships formed between the two sisters and their roommates. Callie and Mariana live at the Coterie, an “intentional living community” located above an old Los Angeles theater. The show turns an undesirable living situation (after all, who would want to use communal bathrooms at 25?) into a joyous, fun-filled one. The sisters meet Gael, an aspiring artist, Davia, a body positive influencer, Malika, a passionate activist, and Alice, an up-and-coming stand-up comedian. These diverse, hilarious, and supportive friends at the Coterie create a sense of community in ‘Good Trouble’ that reminds me of ‘The Bold Type’ family at Scarlet Magazine. 

‘Good Trouble’ has three seasons available on Hulu and returns with new episodes on July 14th. Happy bingeing! 


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