Reggaeton Artist of the Month for December 2023


At just 27, Álvaro Díaz hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a luminary in the Urban Latin movement. Inspired by the early East Coast Hip Hop scene, Díaz spins tales reflecting the daily grind and aspirations intertwined with island life. His knack for wordplay, delivery, and magnetic punch lines catapulted him into the spotlight within the local hip-hop circuit, earning international acclaim spanning Spain, Mexico, Chile, and the U.S.A. He’s been lauded as one of Spotify’s Artists, celebrated for his compelling mixtape “Hato Rey,” and the EP “iLumiLatin,” catapulting him into a whirlwind of performances. From headlining showcases at prestigious festivals like Festival Marvin and Ceremonia Festival in México City to commanding stages at Vive Latino, Díaz’s magnetic talent has captivated audiences across borders.

Díaz’s musical alchemy intertwines intricate Spanish-language verses over eclectic beats, drawing influence from vintage hip-hop, global EDM, and cutting-edge club music. His musical journey began in the streets of San Juan, sparked by an early fascination with Eminem, which later evolved into an exploration of Kanye West and Kid Cudi, setting him apart in Puerto Rico’s hip-hop panorama. Initiating LV CIUDVD to blend indie music and fashion, Díaz’s SoundCloud debut with “Chicas de la Isla” marked the genesis of his rise. Despite setbacks with a planned debut album, his self-released EP “San Juan Grand Prix” in 2016 cemented his tenacity, soaring to the top of charts and establishing him as a rising force in the Latin music scene. Collaborations with the likes of Rauw Alejandro, Tainy, and a host of others, alongside his vibrant solo releases, culminated in the eclectic soundscape of his 2021 album “Felicilandia,” showcasing Díaz’s evolution as a multifaceted artist and a torchbearer of Urban Latin music.


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