Amazon announces new AI chatbot assistant

Amazon is the latest tech company to announce a new chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence. The tech giant announced an annual Las Vegas Amazon Web Services (AWS) Reinvent conference on Tuesday.

Q is the latest AI chatbot to hit the market. Like ChatGPT and its competitors, Q is a business-minded AI assistant, aiming to assist employees, “streamline day-to-day communications”, and perform tasks like generating content relevant to a specific business.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, noted that thanks to Q’s ability to connect with over 40 enterprise systems through the AWS’ Online Management Console, Q will be able to troubleshoot complex issues, provide additional citations in its responses, and even make changes to code if needed thanks to Amazon’s CodeWhisperer, a service that Q can use to “generate and interpret” code for various applications.

That said, despite Q’s incredible range of access, Selipsky stressed the importance of user privacy in case of problems like data leaks. Any information made accessible to Q will only be shared with those authorized.

“If your user doesn’t have permission to access something without Q, they can’t access it with Q either,” said Selipsky. “Q understands and respects your existing identities, your roles, and your permissions.  We’re never going to use content to train the underlying models.”

After its free preview period, Q will be available in two versions. A business version for $20 a month, and a developer and IT version for $25 a month that comes with additional features.

Despite recent controversies and growing ethical concerns in various industries, the generative AI space has shown little sign of slowing down. With the introduction of Amazon into the competition, the space’s development could quite possibly accelerate its advancement. Hopefully, the safety and privacy features implemented within Q will be enough to give it a leg up against its competitors.


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