Underground Artist of the Month for June 2022


Born in Tennessee (although raised in India, Germany, and multiple U.S. states), Amber Mark is a songwriter whose sound is silky and smooth to the ear. Mark started performing and writing in high school. While in high school, Mark released singles on SoundCloud such as “S P A C E,” followed by “Monsoon’ which was credited to her mother, who passed in 2013.

In 2017, with help from PMR label and Virgin EMI, Mark released her first album, or as she calls it, her seven-song EP titled “3:33 am,” in which she talks about working through her grief regarding losing her mother. Shortly after, in 2018, she released another four-song EP titled “Conexão,” including the song “Love Me Right,” which became the highlight of her career and one of her most popular songs.

After that, over the past couple of years, Mark has appeared on tracks and features and released singles, most notably, her most recent single, “What It Is.”

Save Myself

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Amber Mark


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