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American Reunion Reminds The Fans Why They Loved It

The gang reunited in this fourth installment in the American pie movie franchise (Not including the straight to DVD films) with all the laughs that this franchise had given us over the years. Going into this film, I wanted to have that same feeling that I used to receive from watching these movies when I was young, and after watching it, I wasn’t disappointed. Everything I came to expect out this movie was fulfilled, the Stifler moments were great to see even though I would have loved to see more out of him, especially when I saw another character who was similar to Stifler. Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein is the same nice, corky character that still gives us some laughs as well as the rest of the crew; including Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad who basically stole the movie with every scene he is in, (Spoiler Alert!) especially the one where he had to leave Stifler’s Party.
But for all the laughs I received from this movie, this film is made for the fans who loved the first 3 films. It runs on nostalgia, so if you didn’t like the first 3 movies before, this movie wouldn’t change your mind.


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