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Anderson .Paak And Bruno Mars Are The Best Musical Duo Since Sonny And Cher

In their prime, Sonny and Cher were who we would consider being the Beyoncé and Jay Z of their time, a husband and wife duo taking the entertainment world by storm. They sold over forty million records worldwide, were nominated for two Grammys, and had two top ten television shows. So they’re not as accomplished as B and Jay, but hey, it was the mid-sixties; let’s cut them some slack.

Since Sonny and Cher, there have been other great musical duos with the likes of Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, Sam and Dave, and Daft Punk, to name a few. The millennial’s/generation z’s contribution to those ranks comes in the form of two stylish and spunky mixed-race maestros, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars.

Individually their works speak for themselves. There’s no need to be shy; we all know that Bruno Mars was one of the musical talents who raised us. Where would we be without songs like ‘Just The Way You Are’ and ‘Grenade?’ Probably ambling aimlessly around in life. In a similar fashion as his bandmate, Anderson .Paak has cemented himself as a crucial contributor to the soul-funk genre. As much as I love their solo music, their musical love child as Silk Sonic is far better than I could’ve imagined.

‘Leave The Door Open’ and ‘Skate’ are the only songs Silk Sonic has released up until this point. After listening to both around a billion times, the only thing I can ask is what took them so long? Bruno Mar’s and Anderson .Paak’s similar music styles are the reason the duo works so well. The wide variety of genres they cross within their solo music gives them the freedom to be as limited or expansive as they want with Silk Sonic. Their ability to combine modern musical sounds with elements from the past is what makes them the best. They are recreating what baby-making music is for the new generation. No one is doing it like they are, and if someone tried, I can guarantee it would not be nearly as good.


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