DJ of the Month for June 2018


Anthony Mangini was born and raised in Yonkers New York.  Anthony’s love for music came at a very young age. At the age of 12 he started to DJ and mix music.  As he got older and mastered this talent he began throwing parties with friends at various local Westchester nightclubs. After meeting a local promoter he began his residency at a club called Marty and Lenny’s. Anthony was known for breaking new music and bringing a New York City vibe to Westchester. Anthony was a big part of breaking many new freestyle artists at the time and bringing live performances to the clubs he played at. Anthony continued to play in Westchester and with the help of some of New York’s greatest promoters Anthony took his art to New York City where he played at almost every major venue. Anthony always had many DJ influences in his life the one that stands out the most for him is Glenn Friscia who he calls his DJ idol. After taking about 5 years off from music and moving to Florida where he now lives  Anthony was inspired to play music again after a close friend told him to listen to a radio show online. Anthony says if it wasn’t for Eddie Tegone and his show he would of never started playing music again. About 6 years ago a longtime friend Miami Mike offered Anthony a spot on his new internet radio station Miami Mike Radio.  Anthony said yes and has mixed a weekly live show ever since. Anthony still takes various nightclub gigs in New York and South Florida. Anthony Mangini is back and his musical talent is better than ever.   

Past Picks of the Month

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