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Anti-Vaccine Doctor Sentenced to Prison for Capitol Attack

Doctor Simone Gold, a former doctor from Beverly Hills, has been sentenced to jail for her role in the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Gold has been known for spreading misinformation and anti-vaccine rhetoric concerning Covid-19. She was sentenced to serve 60 days in prison for entering the Capitol building illegally.

Gold was also ordered to pay a fine of $9,500, which is the largest fine imposed so far among the nearly 200 rioters who have been sentenced. District judge Cristopher Cooper addressed the group America’s Frontline Doctors, of which Gold is the founder, during her sentencing. “Your organization is leaving people with the misimpression that this is a political prosecution or that it’s about free speech,” Cooper said on Thursday. 

Gold founded America’s Frontline Doctors in 2019 in opposition to the measures imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic including business closures and lockdowns. The group has raised over $400,000, calling the January 6th trials “political persecution. Judge cooper also addressed this fundraising during his sentencing, calling it a “disservice to the true victims that day”.

On January 5th Gold spoke at the Stop and Steal rally, telling the crowd that if they did not want to receive the “experimental biological agent deceptively named a vaccine” they must resist the coercion. On January 6th, she and her co-defendant John Strand, who is also a member of America’s Frontline Doctors, joined a group of rioters who had managed to get past officers. Inside the Capitol, Gold Spoke through a megaphone in Statuary Hall. 

Many of the other defendants charged with their participation in the insurrection support anti-vaccination theories and refuse to be vaccinated themselves. Many who are currently being held in the DC jail awaiting their trials have complained about the lack of access to jail facilities they are receiving due to their vaccine status. Additionally, some judges have been hesitant to have these unvaccinated defendants in their courtrooms.  

Gold pleaded guilty while her co-defendant pleaded not guilty. Judge Cooper said that Gold showed no remorse and failed to accept responsibility for her actions, claiming that her involvement and that of those around her were very peaceful.


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