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Are allegations strong enough to affect your fame?

Should drug allegations affect the way you are remembered in history?
Baseball all-stars Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa are on the ballot to be one of this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, but in order to clinch this coveted honor, players must get 75 percent of the 600 votes being cast by longtime members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. With Bonds’ record as the all-time home run champion with 762 and a record seven MVP awards, Clemens with seven Cy Young trophies and Sosa’s 609 homers, that sounds easy enough, right? Well, what should be a grand slam for these baseball greats now has a giant question mark hanging over it as these are the stars of the steroid era. Just getting them on the ballot in the first place proved to be pretty controversial. So the question remains whether the Baseball Writers’ Association of America will be able to overlook allegations of steroid use for the sake of talent. We will find out the fate of all 37 of this year’s proposed inductees when the results are announced on January 9th


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