Are China and Russia Uniting Against the West?

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a virtual summit two weeks ago; now it appears they are working together for security guarantees from the West. In the meeting, Putin expressed concern about the U.S. and NATO moving their military close to the Russian border.

Putin’s foreign affairs advisor, Yuri Ushakov, said that Xi understands these concerns and “fully supports [the] initiative to work out these security guarantees for Russia.” From the meeting, it appears that the Russian leader wishes to have conversations with NATO members and the U.S., but it has not stopped alarm for western nations about what this alliance means.

China-Russia relations have had a trend against U.S. political and economic domination over the world in recent years, and tensions have been getting higher. The debate between China’s ownership over Taiwan as well as crackdowns in Hong Kong has stressed the China-U.S. relationship. The 2014 annex of Crimea by Russia and troops placed near the Ukraine border have harmed the U.S. relationship with China.

Current weak foreign policy in the U.S. has given Putin and Xi no better time to unite than now. It is also believed that they’re intending to host an in-person meeting early next year in China’s capital to further conversations. Though nothing threatening to the west has happened at this time, U.S. leaders can’t help but fear another round of Cold War tensions.
Physical attacks do not seem likely, but Russia could turn to China to cut off supply chains and other ways of hurting the U.S. if they do not get the security they are asking for.


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