Are Skinny Jeans Close to Retirement?

Bell bottom jeans have returned from the last century with a new name: flare jeans. This is not the first time this cut has dominated the denim market, but they are back with a new spin.

While fashion tends to repeat itself in cycles, this former 1900’s trend has majorly changed, meaning skinny jeans may be taking a back seat in the closets of most for a few decades. These flare jeans come in more colors, designs, and sizes than what is remembered of bell bottom jeans. The added variety makes them appropriate for all occasions whether it’s school, brunch or a night out.

Up until last year, most would cringe at the thought of the return of this cut. But today’s fashion experts — that were likely yesterday’s bell bottom critics — are more willing to accept this new trend because they widen lower down on the calf than bell bottoms did at the knee. There is also a variety of flare, where some are more exaggerated at the ankle and others are smaller. This opens up the trend for anyone, whether one prefers the dramatic or the subtle. And they are not associated with disco anymore, so truly anyone can find their fit.

Don’t throw out the skinny jeans just yet, though. Flare jeans have resurfaced more than once. They were a staple in the 1960’s, then in the 1980’s, and again now in the 2020’s. For those that do not want to let go of the skinny jeans, they will most likely be back when the new flare jeans are worn out. 


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