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Negron: The Doc Gooden Show

Did I hear that right, “The Doc Gooden show?” Well, my understanding is that Dwight Gooden or Dr. K or Doc or by what ever name you know this former phenom baseball player, he is coming to the YouTube and Optimum network very shortly.

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Negron: Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Yankee Winter Wonderland

Every year, the Yankees have a Christmas winter wonderland at Yankee Stadium. Thousands of kids from all around the city come to the biggest holiday party of the year which has been hosted by Jennifer Steinbrenner, who heads the Yankees foundation.

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Robkes Northport celebrity haven and incredible food

Today I want to give a special shout out to louie from the great restaurant Robkes of Northport.

I was introduced to the place by sports memorabilia guru Mead Chasky. I couldn’t understand why so many celebrities were going all the way to Northport to eat and when I finally got there and sat down for a meal I finally understood.

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Negron: Christina Pipia is Cooking Great Ideas!

Roberto Alomar, the greatest second baseman of all time and a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame says that the most important element to his success was always his nutrition. Robbie says that his only regret was that he didn’t understand the importance of this until the latter part of his career.

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BronxNet “Reach Out” Shows the Yankee Way

“Reach out with Ray and Steve” zooms to number one.

Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe of BronxNet came to Ray Negron and mentioned certain individuals were questioning if the Yankees were doing their “fair share” during the pandemic. You could see the rage in his eyes.

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Michael Max Knobbe, BronxNet’s Fireman, Yanks Pal!

Whenever there’s a fire in the Bronx I don’t like to run away from it, I like to run into it. The guy that always tells me where the fire is located and helps me with the water hose, is a gentleman named Michael Max Knobbe. For years, because of my affiliation with the New York Yankees, he has advised me on different ways that we can always help our people in the Bronx.

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“Reach Out” with Ray and Steve on BronxNet

“Reach Out” is such an appropriate name for BronxNet’s newest television show. I am proud to be co hosting the show because it really lets me tell stories of sports and entertainment that most people usually don’t hear about.

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Batboy’s Courage Would Make the Boss and Gehrig Proud

When George Steinbrenner walked into the “swanky” restaurant, La Club, everyone runs around trying to please the man known as “the Boss” as if he owned the place. That was the kind of respect that he demanded and received without even saying a word.

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Whitey Ford , A great guy and Success.

Whitey Ford had his funeral yesterday. It was at St Mary’s Church in Manhasset Long Island not far from Where he lived in Lake Success.

Isn’t it ironic that the name of the town that he lived in would exemplify what he accomplished in life ….Success!

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New York Yankees Consultant and BRONXNET Launch Reach Out

By Steven Vaccaro Over the last few days Yankee Universe was hit with two devastating blows. Several hours before  their …

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Sara Niemietz, Music and Entertainment’s Hidden Gem

As much as I love baseball, I can honestly say that I love the arts just as much, especially music. As a little boy I was in love with Doris Day, just because of that high note that she would reach every time she sang “Que Sera Sera”. I loved LuLu when she sang “To Sir with Love” Diana Ross sang “You can’t hurry love.”

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Negron: Clemente Would Pick Gio or Gleyber

The last couple of seasons have been great for the Yankees and the Bronx and New York in general. The …

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