Ashley Graham’s A New Model

Ashley Graham – you may know her as a plus-sized model changing the industry, but that’s not all she is. Her autobiography A New Model dives deep into how her childhood and teenage years shaped her into the woman she is today. From dealing with her family, to moving to New York as a teenager and falling in love, and now debatably being the most successful plus-sized model today, Ashley Graham has lived a very interesting life that you can now read all about.
Modeling isn’t all fun and games, and things are a bit different when you’re plus sized. Plus-sized models have to meet a different set of standards than non-plus sized models, and Ashley gives us the inside scoop. She has overcome many obstacles in her career, and even in her life, too. Ashley has struggled with childhood bullying on top of balancing her school life and work life as a teenager. While her mom was always supportive of Ashley’s modeling career as a teenager, her father was not. He didn’t like her flying to different states for different modeling opportunities, and wished she had gone to college instead of becoming a model. Ashley Graham’s life is more complex than one may think.

You don’t have to be someone interested in the modeling industry to enjoy Ashley Graham’s A New Model.  Her first-person narrative is easy to read and I believe anyone will enjoy it. Not many people know much about the modeling industry, and Ashley has many credentials that make her trustworthy. Her past-experiences shaped her into the confident woman she is today, and she wants to spread that love and knowledge to others. If you want to know about the modeling industry, how to gain confidence, or just want to learn more about Ashley Graham, A New Model is the book for you.


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