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(Image courtesy of Ashnikko)

Ashnikko takes the moss crown with new Halloween single

Rapper and singer Ashnikko released a whimsical fifth installment of their “Halloweenie” singles last Friday: “The Moss King.”

Accompanied by an animated official visualizer with the aesthetic of a Barbie movie overgrown by, well, moss, “The Moss King” creeps up the heels of the artists’ debut album “Weedkiller,” carrying the same cryptid fey current of Ashnikko’s artistic evolution. It’s the perfect music to decompose in the middle of the woods to – or just imagining it, if there’s no room in your schedule.

“HALLOWEENIE V: THE MOSS KING is here!” Ashnikko posted to social media the day of the single’s release. “At the helm of their spectral horde, the moss king plucks you up from your quiet mortal life and whisks you back to their court, to dance and sing her songs for an eternity.”

Ashnikko first teased “The Moss King” earlier in the month on Instagram, with the title, release date, and simple description, “it’s a weird one lol.”

The release is also accompanied by “an immersive Moss Kingdom experience” at the Hollywood Palladium in LA, scheduled for Halloween night before the concert proper. The announcement promises “revelry,” magic, and most importantly, moss.

Ashnikko’s previous “Halloweenie” releases include the original in 2018, “Pumpkin Spice” (2019), “Seven Days” (2020) and “Innards” (2021). They skipped a “Halloweenie” song for 2022, stating at the time they needed to focus on completing “Weedkiller.”


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