Astrology, Where Did All the Hype Come From?

If you observe a conversation between two Millenials or two Generation Zs, there is one thing that is sure to come up, astrology. This generation’s new way of getting to know someone comes in the form of two questions: the blunt, more straightforward option, what’s your sign? or the slightly more undercover option, when’s your birthday. Both work towards the bigger goal of trying to understand who a person is.

For people who do not know or understand a lot about astrology, it appears strange to assume that you can grasp who someone is based on their sun sign. While those who know more about astrology acknowledge that reality, we also understand that the sun sign is one piece of a person. The more in-depth you get, it becomes more apparent that the planet’s degree and the house also determine a wide variety of factors in addition to the sign.

Officially astrology is referred to as a pseudoscience that dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Western astrology is one of the oldest astrological system still in use. Its roots trace back to the 17th to the 19th BCE of Mesopotamia; it spread to Ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world, and eventually Central and Western Europe.

While astrology in its many forms has been present longer than any of us, and it has experienced bursts of popularity throughout the last century, it wasn’t until around 2017 that it gained popularity within my lifetime. From the first moment I learned what a Sagittarius was, the hype has not died down. Whether you’re a person who subscribes to astrology or not, its present style follows the innate human desire to understand and then categorize everything.


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