At Least 13 Hurt in Brooklyn Subway Shooting

For several weeks, Mayor Eric Adams had cleared the streets of New York to protect the safety of New Yorkers in public transportation and living. In one eventful Tuesday morning rush, the shooting came to question New Yorkers about their public safety. 13 people were injured from the gunfire. How many more lives will it take to address these public health issues? Clearing the homeless population alone just won’t do it.

The shooting occurred at the 36th Street subway station, cutting through the Sunset Park neighborhood. People had reported about the smoke coming from the station and the train was delayed due to the police investigation. After conducting some research on the culprit, they are to find a gunman who wears a gas mask and an orange construction vest.

One commuter said, “I thought he was an MTA worker at first because I was like, I didn’t like to pay too much attention. You know? You’ve got the orange on.” As she saw the man, she also saw a suspicious sparkling cylinder he was holding. She was among the many who believed that the suspect was a regular MTA worker.

The subway floors were splattered with blood by those who had been shot.

One spokesman said, “While we gather more information, we ask New Yorkers to stay away from this area for their safety and so that first responders can help those in need and investigate.”

Several schools in the surrounding area were put into a “shelter in place” where doors are closed to prevent outsiders from entering. Students would only barricade once there is suspicion of someone entering their school.

There is no doubt that the number of shootings in New York City had increased significantly this year. Since April 3rd, the number of shooting incidents have risen from 260 to 286. Gun violence is the number one thing that Mayor Adams has been tackling this year, yet there are too many to account for. As a former police officer, Mayor Adams showed his commitment to protecting his citizens by deploying seven anti-gun police units.

As New York City is opening up in the post pandemic era, the people are weary of going in the streets because they felt it was more dangerous than before. Businesses and workers suffer from staying inside in the pandemic and need to go into offices to make a living, but some other people are avoiding contact at all costs to ensure that they can get through each wavering day.


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