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Athlete Aitana Bonmatí takes a stand against abuse of power amid World Cup controversy

At the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year awards, there was a moment that resonated deeply with everyone present. Spanish football sensation Aitana Bonmatí didn’t just graciously accept her award; she seized the opportunity to address a troubling incident that had cast a shadow over Spain’s joyous Women’s World Cup victory. It involved a disheartening episode with Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales, who, during the team’s euphoric celebrations on August 20, inappropriately kissed forward Jenni Hermoso.

In a room filled with football stars, Bonmatí boldly spoke up, saying, “I would like to speak a bit about what has happened. I think as a society we shouldn’t allow abuses of power in a work relationship, as well as a lack of respect. So from my teammate Jenni to all the women who suffer the same, we are with you. I hope we keep working to improve society.”

Her speech served as a reminder that athletes, whether they are competing on the field or representing their sport, have a responsibility to advocate for change in society. The UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award was a deserved recognition of Bonmatís contributions. Her crucial role in Barcelona’s title and Champions League victories followed by Spain’s World Cup triumph showcased her talent and unwavering commitment.

Sarina Wiegman, head coach of the England women’s team dedicated her award to the team during her acceptance speech. She stressed the importance of unity when facing challenges.
Wiegman stated, “The game has grown so much but there’s also still a long way to go in women’s football and in society.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino also addressed the incident without mentioning names. Made it clear that it was inappropriate. He expressed his disappointment and emphasized that such incidents should never have taken place.

These moments highlight our pursuit for equality and respect, in sports and society. Both athletes and leaders are actively playing a role, in this transformation showcasing that the influence of their actions extends well beyond the boundaries of the game.

The fallout from this incident continues as FIFA provisionally suspends Rubiales, and he faces potential legal consequences. There have been calls for his resignation from the Spanish federation’s regional presidents, while Pedro Rocha assumes interim presidency in the meantime. Spanish football now stands at a crossroads, with important discussions about power dynamics and ethics taking center stage.


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