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Not a Grand Master Chef? Me Either.

Being a subpar chef can be tough, especially when there is a pandemic sweeping across the world that may have you locked in quarantine and wondering, Is that delivery boy washing his hands? But fret not, there are options for us culinarily uninclined, the internet really is our best friend. …

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Seeing Blue Everywhere? Here’s Why

Pantone has released that Classic Blue is the color of the year and we hope you are just as excited as we are. We’ve seen the usual pastels and trench coats introduced in the spring 2019 fashion shows but did you notice the understated pop of blue? Fashion designers have …

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Wait… Who Got the Last Rose?

There is always drama on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series but this week there seems to be even more drama off the screen than on! ABC has announced the new Bachelorette- Clare Crawley. Clare is a past contestant of the Bachelor series, although her presence may have been overshadowed by other contestants …

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The Theme Song You'll Never Forget and Probably Already Know

Bad Boys for Life is the feel-good film with nostalgic references and music that won’t make you feel like you’ve seen it before at all. Actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence take on their iconic roles Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett to take on one last case together in …

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Finding Destiny and Your New Favorite Show

Game of Thrones is over, and you might be feeling like there can’t be another show that fills your love for medieval fantasy. I am happy to tell you Netflix has saved the day! Netflix’s new show The Witcher, based on a novel series and video game, follows the lives …

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Bringing the Hits & the Culture

One of Puerto Rico’s newest and most popular artists Bad Bunny has come out with his second Studio Album YHLQMDLG- “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” and it’d be the biggest mistake for you to miss it! Streaming on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music …

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