Authorities Said Brian Laundrie Has Likely Fled Florida with Help

Authorities returned to the wildlife reserve on Thursday as they continued to search for Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who disappeared soon after Petito was reported missing and found dead. Petito’s death was ruled as a homicide, and Laundrie has been missing for weeks. 

Laundrie’s family told the authorities that he went on a trip to Carlton Reserve in Florida. However, Laundrie has not been found, and the experts are suggesting that Laundrie is likely to have fled the state and may have some help. 

“It seems unlikely that he’s still in that reserve. They did not find any trace of him so far. It’s been weeks,” said former FBI agent Bryanna Fox. She added that Laundrie may have had financial and transportation assistance to avoid law enforcement.  

“The idea that nothing has been said reinforces to me that he was likely getting help,” Fox said. “Obviously, that person would have to be very loyal and very close to him … to not compromise his identity.” A federal arrest warrant was also filed on September 22nd against Laundrie. 

Brian’s father, Chris Laundrie, came to the Reserve to help the authorities by showing them the trails and places Chris and Brian have hiked and which Brian was known to frequent. The information was helpful, but Fox said that the weather of the Reserve could easily erase any evidence of Laundrie’s presence.

Thomas Lauth, a private investigator in Indianapolis who specializes in missing persons cases, said Thursday that he agreed with the theory that Laundrie left his home state and is likely to have had help. 

“I have never thought he would stay in Florida very long,” Lauth said. “I believe he had some outside resources available to him early on, but those outside resources have likely cut him off because he’s a fugitive.”

“He’s been a savvy traveler for many years. When I say ‘savvy,’ he’s able to live off the land, and he knows how to travel alone and lightly,” Lauth added.

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