Avatar 2: Should We Care?

So today the release date for James Cameron’s Avatar 2, the follow up to the massively successful Avatar from 2009. The highly anticipated sequel is coming 13 years after its predecessor broke all the box office records to become the highest-grossing film of all time. However, a lot has changed since then; the first Iron Man film wasn’t even released yet when. With all this time that passed, many of us are wondering one thing about this franchise: Should we even care?

            In the many years since Avatar, people’s opinions on the franchise have changed. Some might say that too much time has gone by between the two films. Most of the people who probably were excited for the sequel back in 2009 have moved on to other huge franchises, like the MCU. The landscape of film has vastly changed, with superheroes, connected universes, and reboot-sequels have become king. It’s hard to imagine how James Cameron’s sci-fi epic can fight into the landscape.

            Despite that, it can also be easily said that Avatar 2 doesn’t need a lane as it will create its own. In 2009, Avatar looked like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It was odd but so interesting that it worked on that premise alone. Yes, the CGI played a huge role and now that’s become blasé. However, we can be assured that a visionary filmmaker like Cameron has something new up his sleeve like last time. It’s been reported that he’s using new technology to record motion capture while being underwater, something that is sure to look stunning when the film is released. So, should we care? It’s up to you to decide.


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