Avengers: Infinity War

The long-awaited superhero team-up movie had a lot of expectations. It was going to mark one of the largest team-ups in superhero cinema. This film followed the villain of this movie, Thanos, as he traveled across space and time to collect the Infinity Stones. From start to finish the audience is taken on a wild ride. It opens with a scene most people expected, Thanos and his generals being introduced, and Thor’s ship being taken over. The film spared no expense utilizing every possible cinematic tool, camera trick, and special effect.
One would think that with so many titular characters, someone would have had a lackluster performance or been overlooked throughout the film, this was not the case. Each character had their time in the spotlight with a funny or meaningful scene. We could all use as much Groot as possible, but even everyone’s favorite Guardian of the Galaxy had scenes that were dynamic but didn’t fall short or overshadow anyone else. If there was one standout character, it was Thanos, played by Josh Brolin. He by far had this most screen time out of all the characters. If you were a fan of the other Marvel movies, you would definitely be a fan of this movie. Now the countdown begins until the next Avengers movie.


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