"New" Artist of the Month for October 2020


Avery lynch is an artist that is new and on the rise. Lynch is 21 years old and currently attends the Berklee College of Music. She is from Boston and has always had a passion for music. She first gained popularity on TikTok, where she shared her beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics. She is a unique artist because she gets inspiration for her music through the comments on her videos. Her talent on TikTok eventually allowed her to release her original songs. One of her more popular songs is “To Love Someone Else”.


Her music touches upon the trials and tribulations of relationships. Whether it is being in love, being in a long-distance relationship, or going through a rough breakup, there is something for everyone in her music.


In an interview with Play Too Much, Avery Lynch shared that quarantine was a blessing in disguise. During the pandemic she has been able to write and record a lot of music for her growing fanbase. Although she does not have a lot of music out on Spotify and Apple Music, her dedication and talent will take her to incredible heights.

To Love Someone Else

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