Avril Lavigne Back with New Music

It’s only been two years since Avril Lavigne’s last album, but she is back in 2021 with a few new singles. Early in the year, she released “Flames,” with MOD SUN, and just this month, she released a track called “Bite Me,” hinting that there might soon be an album to follow. These two singles have extremely different sounds, so what can Avril fans expect from a potential new album?

The sound of her new single seems to suggest she is returning to the pop-punk sound. Her last album Head Above Water had a slightly more pop sound, and even a collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj. However, is seems like that pop phase may have been just that – a phase. 

In a recent performance on The Tonight Show, Lavigne was accompanied by Travis Barker of Blink-182, staying in touch with her interest in the punk rock sound. She is approaching the 20th anniversary of her very first album and feeling a lot of nostalgia for her original edgy sound. 

It is a great time for her to resurface is she wants to keep that pattern, as pop-punk has made a huge return in recent years. Lavigne said in an interview that she thinks pop-punk “feels bigger than ever right now.” Many consider the genre to be a niche listening audience, so the regular listeners will likely welcome Lavigne back with open arms. 

A fan commented on a YouTube video that “Avril Lavigne is like a time machine, listen to her song and for three minutes I’m eighteen again.” 


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