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Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar Sound Hungry on New Track “Family Ties”

If you haven’t heard of Baby Keem yet, trust me it’s only a matter of time before you will. With a featured verse on Kanye West’s new album that is projected to be released, a track with Travis Scott, and a cosign from the king himself, Kendrick Lamar, it’s clear that Keem is one of rap’s brightest rising stars. Last night, he teamed up with Kendrick Lamar, who is actually cousins with the young rapper, to drop the banger that is “Family Ties.”

This was a highly anticipated collaboration between the two as Keem is the first artist under Lamar’s creative company, and possible label “pgLang” which isn’t surprising as their connection has been publicly known. To add to the excitement over this track, this is the first real new verse we are getting from the ever-elusive Lamar in over three years; pair that with the post Kendrick posted last week, announcing that his next album will be his last with his longtime label, Top Dawg Entertainment. Fans are eager to see what the rapper will do next, especially seeing that it might be the lead up into a new album from both artists.

The two rappers did not disappoint, with Keem taking the first half of the track sounding possibly the best I’ve heard him so far. He sounds almost relentless on the beat, addressing critics who don’t believe he writes his raps, thanking God for his family, and taking time to acknowledge Lamar’s involvement in his career as a mentor, saying that he “opened the doors.” Speaking of Lamar, he had the second verse and, in usual fashion, stole the show with his verse, essentially announcing his return. “The facts mean this a vaccine, the game needs me to survive / The Elohim, the rebirth / Before you talk to the Father, you gotta holla at me first…” 

“Family Ties” sounds like Keem and Lamar announcing to the game that they will be taking over, that “pgLang” has arrived and they didn’t come in just quietly opening the door, they kicked the door down and stomped their way in.

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