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Baby Keem Is The Next Prominent Artist and Here’s Why

And no, it has nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar being his cousin. 

On September 10th, Baby Keem released his latest studio album, “The Melodic Blue,” a sixteen-track project that spans fifty-four minutes where he demonstrates his artistic range. This is his third studio album and first full-length piece of work since he gained popularity with the song, “Orange Soda.”

We’ve become accustomed to artists having a particular sound and sticking with it throughout their entire careers. It’s become such a standard part of musical culture that it’s not difficult to tell who the artist is within the first few seconds of a song. While he’s on the extreme side of the spectrum, Da Baby is a prime example of that. Though they’ve mastered the craft of doing it tastefully, Travis Scott, Gunna, and Chance the Rapper are further examples. Their flow, the beats they use, and what they rap about do not vary often. 

Baby Keem has so far been delivering music that varies in multiple ways, making him an inviting artist. When I first listened to his album, each song did not sound like it belonged with the previous one nor the one following. The type of beats he used and the beats per minute within the rhythms were different; his flow constantly switched, and he took the time to rap about more than women and trapping. Even though there’s always a time and place to hear Gunna rap about strippers and codeine, it felt refreshing to listen to a new artist create a space for his audience to get to know who he is. 

‘The Melodic Blue’ is an excellent example of the talent Baby Keem has. The diverse nature of the album speaks to the quality of artist he already is as well as the high ceiling he has.

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