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Photo Credit: Baby Kia

Baby Kia is Atlanta’s most terrifying rapper. (Op-Ed)

Baby Kia is a supervillain in the making. Not much is known about the rapper, but many believe that he was sentenced to 738 years in prison for 14 counts of voluntary manslaughter. The news blew up on TikTok, with many being shocked and commenting that Baby Kia certainly wasn’t joking in his viral rap songs. However, the screenshot of the supposed article isn’t real at all. Don’t rest easy, Atlanta, Baby Kia is still out there.

All jokes aside, the rapper hasn’t been sentenced to any crimes, yet TikTok is flooded with videos of people calling to keep him in jail, remarking that his lyrics are not just a persona he puts on. If this was a publicity stunt on Baby Kia’s behalf, it undeniably worked.

Baby Kia is an elusive man, a rapper who gained massive popularity on social media for his song “LET’S PLAY A GAME.” His voice is angry, a hoarse, maniacal droning that references the Saw movie franchise. The iconic verse “Let’s play a little game I made / All you gotta do is pick a candy bar, one got a blade / If you eat the wrong one, I swear to God, boy, that’s on you / All I know is if you spit that s*** out, boy, I bet I’d shoot,” has been used as an audio on TikTok 98.5 thousand times. TikTokers act out going insane to the lyrics, pretending to be villains of their own. Others react with fear and shock at the intense power and violence present in the song.

The subversive rapper begins the song “GET JIGGY” with the couplet “Knife on the stick, tryna get jiggy / They had found that boy alive, all of his body parts was missin’.” What other rapper do you know who employs these vicious, savage hooks? The sheer brutality is something I haven’t seen in the rap scene in quite some time. Baby Kia is arguably the most unique rapper, if not the most terrifying.

Baby Kia isn’t actually insane (or is he?), but the character he takes on in his music is fascinating. Very few rappers go to the level that Baby Kia has; the extreme nature of his music is riveting. You may not enjoy the sounds of guttural moaning and crazed, frenzied rap, but you have to appreciate the energy behind it.


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