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BannedBooksUSA launches mission to provide free books to Florida residents

In the wake of growing concerns over book bans and censorship, BannedBooksUSA’s initiative has received significant attention, both nationally and internationally. Authors, publishers, and free speech advocates have rallied behind the cause, underscoring the importance of preserving access to diverse perspectives and promoting the freedom to read. This movement could potentially inspire similar efforts in other states facing challenges to literary freedom.

The BannedBooksUSA.org website, backed by a generous $100,000 donation from Boston tech entrepreneur Paul English, aims to provide censored and restricted books for free to any library, school, or individual within the state. Joyce Linehan, a member of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, co-founded BannedBooksUSA, while Electric Literature provides administrative support, and Bookshop.org, an advocate for independent bookstores, handles fulfillment.

This seemingly audacious move intends to draw attention to the challenging situation in Florida, where an increasing number of books are being banned or censored. But it also offers an exceptional opportunity for Floridians and their supporters. To access a banned book, one can simply select a title, enter a Florida address, pay only $3.99 for shipping, and the book is on its way. The available catalogue includes a wide array of titles that have raised concerns among groups such as Moms for Liberty.

For each book dispatched, BannedBooksUSA pledges to make a donation to a Florida-based LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC nonprofit, and 10% of the cover price goes to support independent bookstores in Florida. Paul English emphasized that these bans echo the tactics employed by repressive regimes in history that sought to control the information available to citizens. He firmly believes that individuals should be trusted to read any book and form their own judgments, highlighting his outrage at the banning of important works like “The Diary of Anne Frank” and other crucial literature.

In a world where access to knowledge is essential, initiatives like BannedBooksUSA play a crucial role in ensuring that literature remains a beacon of enlightenment, challenging censorship and championing the values of open discourse and intellectual exploration. The endeavor signifies a collective commitment to the belief that books have the power to transform lives and promote a deeper understanding of the world around us.

With each book sent and each reader reached, BannedBooksUSA moves closer to its mission. This initiative stands as a powerful testament to the enduring importance of free and open access to literature for all individuals, regardless of their geographic location. For more details on how to access these banned books in Florida, or to donate, visit BannedBooksUSA.org and celebrate the freedom to read.


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