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Batboy returns to help Veterans with PTSD and Youth programs in Tampa bay

The cast of Batboy has come to Tampa Bay to perform the play for the Veterans suffering from PTSD.

The Batboy play has been performing for the past seven years to help different charitable causes.

From a family that could not pay their rent to a family that could not have a merry Christmas. A family dealing with the father’s situation with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

No situation has been too big or too small. It’s about showing that we care.

The play will be performed this Saturday at 7 pm at the Springstead theater in Spring Hill Florida. The organization that we are helping is the Veterans HEAT factory. Heat has been helping veterans and first responders for a long while and has never turned away those in need because of the PTSD situation.

Besides the regular cast, This show also has the son of great Yanks manager Billy Martin, Billy Martin jr, and Billy’s widow Jill Martin. Also in the cast is the former major leaguer and great broadcaster Orestes Destrade who plays the role of Reggie Jackson. Lisa Caprara who is on the professional soccer team here in Tampa plays the part of Thurman Munson’s wife Diana. While in Tampa during spring training some of the cast and I will also be visiting the Ronald McDonald’s House to entertain those families in need and also the Tasco teen program in St. Petersburg. Tasco is the largest teen program in the country and has been for years. I was first introduced to Tasco in 1993 by Yankee owner George Steinbrenner when he gave a very impactful speech to the kids and their families.

Long-time head of the Tasco teen program Shawn Drouin will also perform tonight as a gang member in Batboy returns.

Special thanks to former big league pitcher and present-day guitarist Bronson Arroyo for performing at the show’s meet and greet at the great Hernando County sports bar ROOKIES.

Tonight’s show is dedicated to two Hernando County residents that are no longer with us, Gene Michael of the Yankees and Air Force fighter pilot Ken Fagen.

As always a special thank you to my regular Batboy cast Carmine Elvezio, Luis Squeegee Castillo, Ralph Bracco, Bob Dematto, Shawn Derosa, Nick Singh, and actor-producer and the heart of the Batboy machine Steve Vaccaro.

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