Flashback Artist of the Month for March 2022

With Barry, Maurice, and Robin Gibb, the Bee Gees specialized in disco in the 1970s with “Staying Alive” and “More Than a Woman.” In 1958, the Gibb family moved to Australia and raised money to perform at the Redcliffe Speedway. They were hired by speedway promoter Bill Goode who inspired the group name “BGs” with the initials. Their fashion and strong, whispering voices paved the way for love and peace in the disco era of the 1970s. In September 1962, the Bee Gees learned that Australian pop star Col Joye was in Surfers Paradise. When the Bee Gees performed at Beachcombers Hotel, Joye was impressed by their music and wanted to get them in the music industry in Sydney. There, they expanded their horizons in the Chubby Checker tour. Their famous work would end up in the Grammy Hall of Fame for their songs in Saturday Night Live and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. As the years passed, only Barry Gibb remained in the group. Barry Gibb still has heartfelt connections with his deceased brothers.
More Than a Woman

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