Being bullied. 30/30

Damn there they go again, the same guys, i want to turn around and walk the other direction, I just don’t want them to think I’m a wuss, I’m not scared I just don’t like problems, they are problems! we had a few run in’s in the past, it was always after my math class while I stroll the the second floors corridor path, it started with pointing of the fingers, to brushing of the shoulders, to them trying to trip me, one even spit at me! I felt someone’s warm hock, it made me feel like i was drooling bad breath mucus, it landed on my lips. I wipe it off with the sleeve of my cardigan, then I lung for him! But I get pummeled by his wolf pack of friends. I got spit on, two blackened eyes and I don’t even know why? I also wonder why no one tried to help me? I limp to science bleeding from my nostrils, my eyes are closing forming purple circles. The teacher calls the guidance councilor, the councilor called my mother, my mother came over, son who did this to you? I say the usual, I didn’t see, they attacked from the back.
she takes me to the hospital, I leave with a cane and some ice packs, dad comes home sees my condition, he’s furious he wants to kick some ass, son who did this to you? Again I can’t tell the truth.
The doc said I couldn’t go to school for a few days so i can recoup.
A few days passed I’ve recouped. On one of my days off while mom and dad was working, the bridge of my nose still hurting, I got and idea. I said I know a way that won’t ever happen to me again, I go to the pawn shop, purchase two hocked glocks, bullets by the box, this bullying is gonna stop! I gotta hide what I just bought, what better way than my schools Jan sport.
The next day it’s back to school time, everything at home is the same, if only they could read my mind. I get dressed as always, mom dropped me off like always, now I’m an armed kid walking school hallways.
Now back to the top……
Damn there they go again, math class just ended, the corridor is filled with students, I see their movement, their approaching, before they can push me, punch me, I go into my knapsack pull out my two new gats and start shooting, something came over me, the school is in chaos, cell phones are dialing 911 a bullied student is reeking havoc, today I’m not having it, he picks of each wolf from the pack, they was running for their life before being shot in the back, pop pop pop pop pop, i don’t stop until both pistols remained cocked back, I now wear the evil grin, the other students and the teachers were scared to approach me, I run out the school with the two empty guns in my hands, i run right into the man… Freeze put the guns down.. I don’t the cops squeeze, blam blam blam , he’s down he’s down, get the medics! I never make it… I go from an innocent kid being bullied to a killer being killed
This is now the action and reaction of being bullied.
Infinite the poet 2012
Albert Carrasco

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