Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

If it seems like a celebrity event has taken place every week for the past month, you are not far off in that assumption. The 73rd Emmy celebration took place yesterday, on September 19th. As if this was their first event of the month, actors, directors, and writers showed up fresh-faced and dressed in their best. 

Once again, the women were the stars of the show as most of the men elected to wear basic, yet nonetheless, elegant suits. Billy Porter and Seth Rogan were the two men who garnered the most attention for their outfits. The latter for his bold color choices — he wore a bright orange suit jacket, tan pants, and brown dress shoes; A different style from his typical ensemble. Billy Porter always comes to show out. On the carpet, he wore an all-black outfit with crimped fabric attached to his elbow. Combined with his poses, he was by far one of the most eye-catching and well-dressed men at the Emmys. 

Michaela Coel, Cynthia Ervio, and Anna Taylor-Joy were among the best-dressed women. Even though Anna Taylor Joy and Michaela Coen looked stunning in their backless tan silk gown and oversized yellow shawl and lime green two-piece dresses, respectively, Cynthia Ervio has to take the prize for best dressed. She wore a form-fitting white dress with white, blue, and green feathers that decorated the bottom quarter of the dress. 

Emma Corrin’s black nails were the shining elements in her outfit. Her dress, unfortunately, took a back seat. Her cream-yellow jumpsuit with matching gloves and scarf made her look like she stepped out of The Handmaid’s Tale instead of a car onto Emmys red carpet. 

Regardless if the outfit was a hit or a miss, as always, it was entertaining to watch celebrities win some awards and forget about our own lives for a minute.

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