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Best Beers to Try According to the World Beer Cup 2022

The Most Prestigious Worldwide Beer Competition was held this past May in Minneapolis, where 18 countries battled to get their breweries among the first places. Often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions,” the World Beer Cup is held yearly in a designated state of the USA. The next competition will be held in Nashville, on May 10th, 2023. 

Of the 18 countries that participated in this year’s contest, only 10 brought home the Gold Award: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, and the USA. 

From this list, here are the best beers to try this summer: 

Wheat Ale

In this category, we can find the For-scythe style from Cherry Street Brewpub, the Hefe from Widmer Brothers Brewing, and from Mexico, the Bronze American Wheat by Cerveceria Principia. 

Amber Lager

In this category, we can mention the Ziegler-style beer from MadTree Brewing Co., Canadian Amber Ale by Rebellion Brewing Co., and in second place, Hometown Lager by Second Pitch Beer Co.

Red Ale

This very popular style had contestants from the USA, Canada, and Japan. The best-awarded beers were Canada’s Amber Ale by Rebellion Brewing Co., Japan’s Heiwa Craft Red Ale by Heiwa Shuzou Co., and the Snapper Red by Cherry Street Brewpub – Halcyon in the Strong Red Ale category. 

Smoke Beer

Smoke beers had only three contestants, two from the USA and one from Canada. The Golden award went to Schlenkerlish by Ballast Point Brewing Co., and the Silver and Bronze award went to Canadian brand Brauerei-Gasthof Kundmüller and Smо̄k Lager by 49th State Brewing Co., respectively. 

Fruit Beers

Light, fresh, and citrusy, fruit beers are among the favorites to enjoy during the summer. In this category, the Golden Award went to Yuzu KSA Fort Point Beer Co. by Fruit Beer from the USA with Canadian Sunshine City by Neighbourhood Brewing obtaining first place in the subcategory of “Fruit Wheat Beer”. 

These are some of the best beers that each country has to offer for these hot summer months. Some honorable mentions go to Mexico, with breweries proudly taking the metal home in 4 different categories from Monterrey, Querétaro, Tijuana, and Chihuahua.


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