Best Makeup Looks from 2023 Met Gala

The first Monday of May means it’s time for the Met Gala. The annual event is known for its glamorous fashion, but the hair and makeup are just as iconic.

Last year’s theme, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” was about American fashion, with “Gilded Glamour” as the dress code. You may remember Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s famous 1962 Jean Louis gown, where she sang Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy. 

This year’s theme, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” is an ode to the late designer known for his work with Chanel, Fendi, Chloé, and his namesake line, Karl Lagerfeld. 

We’ve gathered up some favorite makeup looks from the 2023 Met Gala:

Amanda Seyfried

The 37-year-old, known for her roles in Mean Girls, Mamma Mia, and Les Misérables, brought “go big or go home” to this year’s gala with a dark berry lip color and matching violet eyeshadow. To accompany the dramatic makeup look, Seyfried channeled 70s glam with voluminous curls.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is known for grand entrances. On the first day of Couture Week, Doja Cat was encrusted with 30,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals, draped in a red silk faille bustier and a wearing hand-knit skirt of lacquered wooden beads.

At this year’s Met Gala, the singer graced the iconic Met Gala carpet honoring Kar Lagerfeld by dressing as his legendary beloved white Burmese cat, Choupette. She wore prosthetics to make her face appear more cat-like and wore a hood with cat ears to complete the look. 

Jessica Chastain

The Academy Award winner returned to the red carpet with a relatively simple look. To accompany her new bright blonde hair and sunshades – a nod to Lagerfeld –  Chastain adorned a smokey eye and gray shimmer on her lids. 


The 35-year-old Grammy winner attended this year’s Met Gala with a soft glam look. To accompany the modern twist on Audrey Hepburn’s classic top bun, Lizzo’s makeup artists defined her cheeks with little blush and a subtle smokey eye.

Jennie Kim

Blackpink member, Jennie Kim went for a minimalistic look. A hint of blush, classic black liner, and a nude lip. On this night, the Chanel ambassador proved less is more.

Quinta Brunson

To compliment her black and pink gown, Brunson wore pink eyeshadow with heavy eyeliner with a deep brown lip liner on her lips, and gloss for a finishing touch.

Emma Chamberlain

The influencer-adorned kohl-lined eyes leaning into the emo goth glam aesthetic. Chamberlain’s makeup included a 90’s brown lip and rough blue smoke eye which added a nice contrast to her more polished outfit.


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