Best Paperbacks of the Month

Although we are only three months into the new year, tons of new book releases have taken the world by storm. Whether your favorite genre is horror, mystery, sci-fi, nothing feels better than curling up and diving into a new paperback. 

The Maid

Written by Nita Prose, The Maid centers around Molly Gray’s loveable character, a maid at a high-end Regency Grand Hotel where she prides herself on doing a spotless job every time. Unfortunately, she finds herself in a sticky situation when she stumbles across the dead body of a wealthy, well-known real estate tycoon. This cozy yet chilling mystery is perfect for mystery lovers who are attuned to the idea of scandal and secrets. 

The Paris Apartment

Written by Lucy Foley, The Paris Apartment is a chilling murder mystery that will have you hooked. Trying to find her brother’s whereabouts, Jess finds herself uncovering chilling secrets about her brother, his apartment building, and the residents. This mystery is great for anyone who is fond of the traditional murder mystery while still feeling fresh and new age. 

The Girl with the Louding Voice

Written by Abi Daré, The Girl with the Louding Voice centers around a 14-year-old Nigerian girl living with her family in a small village. She becomes a maid to combat her struggles with poverty, insecurity, and limited education. This coming-of-age novel is a heart-wrenching yet heartfelt story that will have you reflecting on how drastically different our upbringings can be. 


Written by Emma John, Self-Contained tells a story about what happens when you choose to be in a relationship with yourself instead of seeking partnerships. In the memoir, Emma shares her story of how she has chosen to navigate life only, seeking to better herself and love herself first before thinking about pursuing it in other people. In a very heartfelt and earnest way, John ultimately makes you question if we can provide ourselves with the happiness we deserve instead of searching for it in other people. A journey and story of self-discovery, this memoir is perfect for everyone on their self-discovery adventures. 


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