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Beyonce Knowles is considered a pop icon. Philanthropy, music, acting, no profession seems out of grasp for this 31-year mother. Before she became the superstar Beyonce, she was the frontwoman for her all-female R&B group Destiny’s Child. Even after she broke off from the very successful music group, all of her solo albums have gone platinum. On top of her colossal music career, she has managed to star in movies co-acting with the likes of Edris Elba (Obsessed), and Jaime Foxx (Dream Girls).
Knowles wants to add another moniker to her repertoire of titles, Director. It is said that she is directing and acting in her very own documentary film. It would be about her life outside of the media. This will not be Knowles’s first time in a nonfiction film. In June 2011, MTV aired, “Beyonce: Year of 4”. This MTV film chronicles her artistic journey throughout the making of her 4th studio album, Beyonce: Year of 4. It has gone to sell well over 1 million copies.
Although her camp did not confirm anything yet, The Huffington Post reported that she had been shopping her film to different Hollywood studios. It will be interesting to see how the events will play out; being that she has so many things to talk about. Things such as her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, her recent split with her long time manager (father), just to name a few.


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