Biden Administration’s Economic Standings

Most recent economic evaluations were not good news for the White House. Minor setbacks caused by Pandemic struggles have been understood, but many are pointing fingers at Biden for some of the more severe results. 

Biden took ownership for the slight dip in unemployment numbers down to 4.8% in September, which is a step in a better direction. However, the administration deflects the 5.4% inflation and 24% rise in used car prices since last year and the .4% increase in gas prices since August. Surely some of these unfortunate numbers have been enhanced by COVID-19 complications, but the virus was widespread at this time last year. 

Other economic downfalls, like supply shortages, are tied to the high unemployment numbers. Supply shortages result in higher prices, so the majority of these standings are interrelated. With inflation at the highest rate the nation has seen in over a decade, more spending, like the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, will only cause this to further increase. The solutions for these concerns must exist outside of spending more money.

Economic projections display that there may be an additional 500,000 jobs added in the coming months, but supplier jobs need to be filled before new ones are added. Unemployment is not due to a job shortage but a worker shortage. Everyone is looking to Biden’s administration to turn things around. 

Whether Biden is the blame or not, recent poll numbers reflect that citizens are blaming him. The numbers vary depending on the poll, but most are showing less than 50% approval ratings for the current administration. Unless his economic standings change, neither will his approval ratings.


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