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Biden ramps up regulatory agenda on environment and key issues as election looms

President Joe Biden has launched several environmental and other vital problem regulations to cement his legacy as the election looms on the horizon. A historic rule that would force coal-fired power stations to either shut down or collect pollution from their smokestacks is one of these steps.

The Democratic administration’s most comprehensive effort to limit emissions from fossil fuel power stations—a major cause of climate change—consists of more than 60 separate laws. These regulations, mostly promulgated by the EPA, tackle many policy goals outlined by Biden, one of which is a pledge to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030.

The rules are being pushed through by the Biden administration in a haste in anticipation of any pushback from the next president or Congress. The next NATO Summit in 2024 and continuing global security threats, including Russia’s war with Ukraine, heighten the sense of urgency.

Student debt forgiveness, affordable housing, and overtime compensation are just a few of the many issues covered by Biden’s regulatory agenda, which extends far beyond environmental protection. More than half of the administration’s 66 major policies that were completed in April alone are anticipated to have a large economic effect, setting a record.

Biden and his Cabinet members are interacting with the public on a regular basis to support these efforts, and they often target swing states that are essential to his reelection campaign. But there are obstacles that the administration must overcome; regulations enacted by the executive branch are more susceptible to reversal by succeeding administrations or legal challenges.

Biden is unwavering in his determination to push forth his policy program, even in the face of possible obstacles. His activities are part of a larger plan to improve his reputation in the eyes of the public and the environment as he negotiates the challenges of leadership in a politically divided country.

The future of Biden’s regulatory legacy is uncertain and might be impacted by several things, including as court challenges and changes in political power. Presidential measures and historic laws, such as the bipartisan infrastructure bill of 2021, are part of the administration’s plan to put the nation on a path to meet its lofty climate targets.


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