Biden to Renegotiate Iran Nuclear Deal

During his presidency, President Trump undid Obama’s previous nuclear deal with Iran. Now, President-elect Joe Biden has claimed that he plans to re-enter the deal; however, this may be a difficult task.  With Iran indicating that renegotiating the deal will be more of a challenge, Biden has a difficult road ahead concerning this foreign policy.

The Trump administration has continuously placed pressure and sanctions on Iran; however, Iran now possesses roughly 12 times the amount of weapons grade material than they did when the original deal was signed in 2015.

While Biden hopes to re-enter the nuclear agreement, Iran’s Foreign Minister has not greeted this idea warmly.  Biden’s intentions are to focus on Iran’s missile program and regional activities, but it is highly likely that he will have to heavily compromise.  The most probable resolution to this conflict is likely a temporary agreement that would halt activity to buy time for further negotiations between the nations.

Biden will face many challenges with his foreign policy following the actions taken by the Trump administration.  A new diplomatic approach to foreign negotiations is a much-needed change in order to avoid hostile relations that threaten the security of the nation.


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